“QRF is very pleased with the overall quality of Headway's work. Their timeliness, professionalism and thoroughness in the work contributed to the robustness of the survey and high quality outputs received from them. Their flexibility and responsiveness throughout the period of work was outstanding. We recommend Headway for qualitative and quantitative research”.

"نهتم في مؤسسة الحسين للسرطان بالحصول على معلومات دقيقة من مصادر موثوقة لنتمكن من المضي قُدماً في تحقيق هدفنا الذي نعمل بلا كلل من أجله، قد كان لشراكتنا مع Headway الأثر الكبير في حصولنا على نتائج جُمعت وحُللت بطريقة مدروسة وعلمية مما سيمكننا من اتخاذ قرارات صحيحة في المستقبل".


“JBCP had a good experience with Head way that was distinguished in terms of: Time-bounded, the staff was well trained in a distinguished and scientific way to accomplish the required field work, and the required reports were presented in a very attractive and comprehensive way. JBCP is looking for more cooperation with Headway company in the future”.

“We appreciate Headway’s support in gathering, cleaning and analyzing the Schools’ Program data in such a professional, experienced and informative manner, which provided a clear idea on the different trends among the years.".


“We developed a very successful study through our Mezete brand building journey with Headway. We were extremely involved with the buildup of the study in all the steps, things were extremely transparent and promptly adapted to any changes required, we gathered very useful data that helped us focus on the right aspects in our brand building strategy, thank you Headway”.
“Our partnership with Headway was very beneficial to us in terms of the insights provided, Headway has the capacity to manage large scale projects under specific deadlines; we look forward to continue our partnership with Headway” .
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